I'm Andrea, 21, college senior, studying psychology, from Wisconsin. Liberal. Environmentally friendly. A few things you'll find here on my lovely blog: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Hannibal, David Tennant, Green Bay Packers. I love dogs with every fiber of my being.


So I have decided that once I graduate I am going to kidnap Cuppy Cake and take her to Vegas and marry her and if they won’t marry us then we shall go to Canada and get married and then raise a pet moose as our child.

Amy, on marrying a dog (via quotesfromaconcussedhockeyplayer)

Please tell me there is a trophy for asshole of the year award, cause I called in the football team because they were literally shaking my wall with their music while i was trying to sleep. Now I can’t sleep so I baked muffins. And when security came over, it took four knocks to get someone, so as I am trying to be Betty Crocker here there was screaming outside my door.

Amy, on dealing with assholes (via quotesfromaconcussedhockeyplayer)